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August 11, 2014

Finally, a mainstream periodical has published an intelligent and truthful article about geoengineering and chemtrails. It is entitled An Air of Danger. I first saw it at GeoEngineering Watch but have since seen it elsewhere. Of course, this is good news, but my true opinion at this point is that it is too little too late, plus the fact that the government has no intention whatsoever of stopping this atrocity, no matter how outraged the population is. If you have not read my last article SYSTEMS FAILURE yet, please do so. The ideas that I put forth in that one are proving to be correct, I believe, and many other writers are echoing my perceptions, or at least the sense of urgency that there is no more time left and we all need to wake up. NOW. I am in the process of forming a new article in my head, and will try to get it organized soon.

As a rule, especially these past six months or so, I have not read too much material "out there" concerning metaphysical stuff, because I find most of it silly and false. However, there are a few sites I occasionally read, and I nearly always check in with Chautauqua because I usually (but not always) can relate to what he writes. He is a Vietnam war vet, so he's about my age, and this recent posting of his is, Oh, my. . .you just have to read it. It will make you sick but read it anyways because I know it's true. Keep in mind that Monsanto, of course, is the company responsible (or at least the major one) for the ongoing process of poisoning our entire food supply with GMOs. Even though they, along with Bill Gates, a MAJOR stockholder in Monsanto have promoted these poisons as a way to alleviate hunger, of course, that could not be farther from the truth. The truth is, first it was "Round-Up Ready" seeds, meaning these were plants that had been developed to withstand the toxic effects of Monsanto's well-known weed killer, Round-Up. Now they are creating seeds that grow into plants that withstand high doses of aluminum. Why would they do that? Because aluminum is one of the main ingredients of the chemtrail shit we are being doused with day in and day out. It is also another way to put organic and plain old regular farmers out of business, because the air is becoming so toxic, it is difficult to grow anything any more, and Monsanto hopes to be able to force all of us to buy their seeds. Anyway, here is the sick and sordid story of Monsanto's early success: Agent Orange. The article is entitled Monsanto's Legacy of Death.

Here at Cosmic Dream, I do finally have produce for sale. My cucumbers are getting into gear, I have wonderful salad mixes and cooking greens, with a new batch on the way. My tomatoes are growing slow but sure (we actually had a few sunny days this week before this rain, which helped), and my peppers are really in serious production, unusual for me, because I have had a hard time growing peppers the past few years. I have baby eggplants which grow pretty fast in the greenhouse heat, especially the teardrop types, like White Lightning. My flowers are just lovely and even the morning glories are in bloom. Here are some photos from the past week.

Albino Garden Snake

Grandpa Ott's Morning Glories

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Isn't this a cool snake? I swear it is an albino garden snake. It has all the markings, plus it is very friendly and doesn't mind if I move it when it's in the way. It lives by my well and is always there. Unfortunately, my hunch is that it is probably the victim of mutation from the toxic rain. Next is a photo I just took today of some Grandpa Ott's morning glories.

Cubanelle Peppers

Hungarian Yellow Wax Peppers

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Here are some sweet banana-type peppers called Cubanelle, and next to them, spicy-hot Hungarian Yellow Wax peppers. You can see there are lots of them, and I have many more varieties. in various states of readiness.

Eggplant Blossoms

Muncher Cucumber

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I took these White Lightning eggplant blossom photos a week ago today, and I now have baby eggplants. Next is a Muncher cucumber. I have cucumbers available for sale.


Celosias and Violas

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I have portulacas that self seed each year, but I also bought a new packet of seeds to get more variety. Usually tiny seed doesn't germinate that well, but these sure did! I have a lot of portulacas this year. Next are some of my beautiful celosias with the Bowles Black violas. I keep a little pair of scissors handy to dead head the violas, and also my petunias to keep them blooming. The scissors are also used for slug control. I have found that if you cut them in half, they immediately stop eating your plants. And their friends come to eat the corpse, so you can eliminate a bunch of them in one spot. As I mentioned in an earlier Diary, however, I have had few slugs to contend with this year, and I seriously think many of them drowned.

Celosias and Portulacas

Celosias and Portulacas

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Here are more celosias and portulacas. My snapdragons are about ready to bloom, too.

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