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Growing Between Floods

July 8, 2014

First, my apologies for being so lax on posting new material. I have managed to finally mow down one field, and I've been scrambling to get stuff out of the greenhouse and into the ground. My greenhouse has become a chaotic jungle which cannot be navigated without tripping over plants. I had originally planned to keep everything inside but I just have too many tomatoes, and they really do better outdoors. Now that the field is cut, I am planting them directly into the mud surrounded by grass clippings. They are big enough that the wet won't hurt them. They prefer wetter to drier. I put my milk jug shades over them just for a couple days just until they stabilize and they are growing very fast. They were able to develop well inside, so the late transplant date should not delay them too much. I have blossoms, and my pineapple tomatilloes are filled with fruits already. I put some squash outside, too. They are filled with blossoms.

The cucumber plants are exploding with growth and fruits. I should have them ready for sale in a couple weeks. I have lots of other cucurbits growing in the greenhouse this year. I got tired of fighting groundhogs, but I think all the groundhogs drowned. I know my slugs did. Normally on a year this wet, I should be able to scoop them up by the handfuls, but I have had almost no slug damage at all. When your slugs drown, you KNOW it's wet.

My eggplants and peppers are growing fast and strong. The peppers should be in blossom by the end of the week, and the eggplants to soon follow. My flower display will be much better than last year. I have about a zillion celosias that self-seeded profusely. They are huge and I have a great color variety. I will have photos of them in bloom by next post, and the zinnias and marigolds will be blooming.

The Tomato Field

Pineapple Tomatilloes

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This is the part of my tomato field that I just planted. (I did the rest of it last week.) It also includes squash, mostly summer squash but also Acorn and Cream of the Crop which is a versatile summer/winter Acorn-type. I took that photo this morning, but the jugs are already coming off. Next are the pineapple tomatilloes I brought out from the greenhouse. You can see the little husks containing the fruits.

Cucumber Plants


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I really need to get my cucumber plants tied up. A few are, and they are on their upward trek. Nearly the entire north wall is cucumber plants and it's a big wall. As usual, I have morning glories planted amongst them. On the south side are some containers of eggplants, these in particular are White Lighting. In the background is a pumpkin blossom.

Bowles Black Violas

The Annual Flower Display

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My Bowles Black Violas self-seeded profusely this year and are just blooming their hearts out. I also planted regular pansy seeds, but they are still small. My annual flower display is off to a good start. The marigolds are just ready to open and so are many of the zinnias. This is only a fraction of the celosias I have, both cockscomb and spikey. They're so easy to grow and look exotic (and feel like a pipe cleaner!). Each plant blooms once, but the flower lasts all summer, and just keeps growing. Then it dries, and little black shiny seeds burst everywhere. The sunflower came up on its own. I also have lots of portulacas, petunias, and I planted snapdragons, too, but they're still small.

And now for other stuff, and this is really important. In the past couple weeks, there has been a massive energy shift. I am cautiously optimistic that this is what I have been awaiting for the last two decades. It is another reason I haven't posted much. I actually have quite a bit in process, including a long article on this shift, but it is so profound that I doubt if I can even put into words what has happened. It will probably require a series of articles. But I will say this, and please take heed: the way in which most people have been accustomed to operate is coming to an end. One aspect is that now every thought and action will be magnified. Clinging to anger and negativity will be deadly. Please take this seriously. I am seeing people's lives implode and it is not pretty. We have to let go of much of what we thought was important, unless we are fully prepared for this shift. For me, I am exhausted, but otherwise ready to embrace what is coming. . .what is finally here. I feel like I am walking between two worlds, becoming more grounded in the new one at long, long last.

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