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June 25, 2014

If you still do not understand the catastrophic consequences of geoengineering and global warming (greatly exacerbated by geoengineering) then you must be either brain-dead, living in a personal, protective bubble, or a resident of another planet. The situation here has gotten SO BAD; just in the last month the disastrous effects have gone off the charts. Here in Northeast Ohio, as of today we have had 17.2 inches of rainfall since April 25. That is astounding, Unbelievable.That's the normal rainfall amount for the entire season, and it is causing horrendous consequences for farmers. And of course it is not just Ohio and not just farmers. The entire country. . .world . . . is a mess. It is bad enough that humanity has been flagrantly irresponsible, but those who are running this program, including the government and military are doing it deliberately. We won't even debate the reasons here, but this is what we will do, and I need EVERYONE who is a fan of this website (and I have an awesome group of loyal readers out there) to participate. Out of the three network stations, it seems that NBC is the only one that even notices we have weather. I don't own a TV, but I get on their online sites. After reading a couple of the stories, I just exploded in anger. Here's these reporters going around interviewing people who have been disastrously affected by the abnormally powerful weather systems that just keep coming, or, in the case of California, just the opposite, and no one looks up into the sky to see it filled with chemtrails. Everyone laments and is trying to figure out what is going on, and is oblivious to what is right above them. Our first reaction was to add them to the Disinformation Directory, and that is coming, but first, I have been trying to contact Ann Curry, because she has been working on a series on "climate change" which is to air soon. My thoughts are, you have to at least give NBC credit for noticing we have a big problem. And my second thought is, even if the major news networks (although it is no doubt at the top-level executives) are trying to hide the truth, eventually someone will break down and start telling the real story when they realize this is heading toward death for us all.

Here is a copy of the letter I emailed NBC. The email address for Nightly News is I ask all of you to do the same, and quickly. And tell your friends. Don't send my letter, obviously, but tell them how this mess affects you. Have you read a certain article or listened to a particularly enlightening interview on GeoEngineering Watch that helped you to understand the gravity of the situation better? Are you suffering from any of the illnesses associated with the toxic materials they are spraying on us, or do you have a friend or loved one who is? Are you painfully aware of the way we have poisoned the planet, and do you fear that food and water may soon not be available? (You should be.) If every reader of this site wrote a letter to NBC urging them to educate themselves on geoengineering, then report it to their viewers, our goal will finally, drastically move forward. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE NETWORK NEWS STATION TO TELL THE TRUTH TO THE PUBLIC!!!

Here is a copy of my letter:

This message is especially for Ann Curry regarding the climate reports:
I have been reading the NBC articles about "climate change" and I am dumbfounded as to whether you are all so lacking in knowledge, or whether this is being purposely done to avoid the obvious. Incidentally, it is not "climate change," it is in fact, global warming.
If you want to understand the catastrophic downward spiral in which the earth is headed, please educate yourselves on this website:
It is owned by Dane Wigington. This is the largest geoengineering website in the world, and Dane is the world's leading expert on this subject. I am one of his activists. He has put his life on hold for ten years to research this daily assault on us from the skies, and his site contains the results of his work, including soil and water tests, government patents, excellent radio interviews, videos of the skies being sprayed, and if you still doubt, there are videos of planes turning the sprayers on and off. (I have personally witnessed this numerous times on my farm), which is in NE Ohio, where I am drowning. Dane lives near Mount Shasta, CA, where they are dying of thirst. All of us who have been working to bring this information to the public so desperately are totally astounded that the world is not aware of what is being done to us. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. All you need to do is go outside and look up. They spray nearly every day, and often at night, too. I have been observing for years on my farm that when the planes come out and spray the sky, it soon is filled with silvery white sheets, and then the torrential rains come. Dane's sight provides factual information and indisputable scientific data as to how our climate is being deliberately manipulated. If you do not take the time to check out this data, then you are not worthy to be a national news reporter.
I hope you have the courage to tell the world the truth.
Thank you,
Laughing Crow

Please, I urge all of you to contact NBC

Greenhouse Entrance

Greenhouse Entrance

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This is the entrance to my greenhouse. The first one was from last week after we had that 6 inches of rain. The second one I took today. I'm growing pond scum, for goodness sake, that's how long that water has been standing!

Mud and a Cucumber

Cucumbers on higher ground

Cucumber blossoms

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My poor cucumber plants are growing in mud. By June last year I was eating cucumbers. As you can see, the situation this year is drastically different. (See The Enchanted Cucumber Forest) In the second photo are some cucumber plants in higher ground with some grass clippings. I finally did begin tying them yesterday, and by today they had begun their upward trek toward the ceiling. And I also found a few open blossoms and even a tiny cucumber. Once that happens, the fruits grow quite fast, especially in this heat and wet.



Bowles Black Violas

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I still have not been able to weed my raised beds or containers. They are nothing but mud, and weeding them only brings up huge clumps of soil. Here I have tubs of endive and escarole that I started in the greenhouse, and now have temporarily sitting in my flower display area. I will have nice flowers this year. Here are some faithful "Bowles Black" violas that come up every year.

Water ankle-deep

Angry Gray Skies


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My grass is literally 3 feet high in some places. Mowing is out of the question. You can see that my yard is ankle-deep in water. It looks like everything I grow this year will be in containers and the greenhouse. But it's a big greenhouse and I grow vertically. This is the color of my sky on most days here in NE Ohio. Yes, that was taken in the daytime. It is so dark most of the time I have to keep my lights on inside. Next, of course, are chemtrails and poisonous garbage above my beautiful farm.

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