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Sad Bob (The Sequel to Bad Bob)

June 19, 2014

If you have not read Bad Bob yet, please do so by clicking the link in the title above. It is essential that you fully grasp this sordid and pathetic story in its entirety. It is a sad, sad day in journalism when a long-time employee of a large and respected newspaper must resort to attempted smearing of a completely honorable person, only to justify his own ignorance and closed-mindedness. Do you not notice, BOB, that the weather here in Northeast Ohio is just a teeny bit effed-up? Have you noticed, BOB, the 5.4 inches of rain we have had here in three days? DID THAT PERHAPS INTERFERE WITH YOUR GOLF GAME, BOB?? It is a tragic event on this planet when creatures as stupid as you have been allowed to evolve, and worse yet, find themselves in a public position. We are long overdue for a selective extinction.

Though many of us thought that all the outraged readers' comments to your first column would have perhaps influenced you to shut your big effin' mouth on subjects to which you obviously are not qualified to even have an opinion. A few of us even thought that perhaps you would use that one remaining fragment of a brain stem you have in your head to actually educate yourself on a subject that has created a life-and-death situation on this planet; a cataclysm, not in the future, but well into its throes.

But instead, BOB used his position to further justify his feeble-minded opinion of chemtrails by attacking the character of Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch, attempting to imply that Dane was in this for profit because he offers a DVD package for sale which also includes glossy color fliers and priority mail. Seriously, BOB? You can't possibly believe the drivel you write? But, of course, we all do realize that you did not read one article or listen to one interview on Dane's site. If you did, you might actually be forced to open your mind, and that would be an excruciating, painful activity for you wouldn't it, BOB??

Well, I HAVE read the articles and listened to the interviews, plus I correspond with Dane nearly every day, and I will state my life on the fact that he is everything he appears to be: a courageous and determined man, tireless and generous, motivated by nothing other than seeing the planet, the land, the animals and people that he loves being assaulted incessantly by toxic chemicals and metals sprayed on us by those who have nothing but their own power and greed in mind. For anyone who has even skimmed the material on Dane's site, it is obvious that this is not a "for profit" endeavor, and there is nothing anywhere that could give one cause to believe Dane is doing this work for any other reason than his passion to stop this atrocity. And, incidentally, he sends out a packet of fliers for free to anyone who requests them. Priority mail. I know because I am one of those people who received his fliers for free.

Dane is a rare person that cannot be bought. So few people understand that concept any more. BOB certainly doesn't, in fact, he's all for being bought. Are you too much of a dumb-ass, BOB, to realize that you and most of the media are nothing but pawns in this game being played by a truly evil and demented consortium that couldn't give a rat's ass about killing off the majority of the earth's population and destroying her flora and fauna? You are nothing but small potatoes, BOB, and when they are done using you, you will get thrown out with the trash.

Happy golfing, BOB.

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