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Bad Bob

June 12, 2014

I usually start these Diary pages with the fun stuff, but this issue is number one and we need everyone to respond to this situation. For you readers who live in Northeast Ohio especially, Portage and Summit counties, we need some serious local action here.

One of my readers, (thank you so much, Michele), alerted me to a false and repugnant piece published in the Beacon Journal by Bob Dyer, making fun of people who are conscious and aware of the atrocity being commited in our skies by the spraying of toxic chemicals, referred to as geoengineering or chemtrails. You may read it here: Beware of Falling Chemtrails!

My first reaction was to send the link to Dane Wigington at GeoEngineering Watch. My second reaction was to phone Bob. I calmly appealed to him that in fact, the person he referred to as a "wacko" was correct, and I filled him in briefly with facts of which we have scientific proof, then of course alerted him to Dane's website, where I explained he could find totally professional data and research information that would back-up everything Dane claims to be true. He responded that he was still skeptical. (OK, Bob, being skeptical is fine, but publishing erroneous information in a newspaper without obviously taking the time to educate yourself is bad journalism, Period.) Bob assured me he would check out the site.

Meanwhile Dane emailed me and was ready to post Bob's piece on his Disinformation Directory. I urged Dane to contact Bob, saying that he agreed to look at the website. My idea was, rather than immediately attacking him, give him the benefit of the doubt that, as a long-time Beacon journalist, he would be open to being educated. We can forgive ignorance if there is desire for enlightenment. We can forgive error if effort is made to correct it. But we cannot forgive closed-minded bullshit.

So Dane sent him a very cordial email, inviting him to explore the documented materials on his website. Unfortunately, Bob's response was in the major asshole category. In all the hundreds of pages of articles, videos, and internet radio interviews on Dane's site, all Bob seemed to notice was the cost of a DVD. Are you shitting me?? Dane's response to that was not quite as cordial as the first, and we all agreed to present Bob's ignorance to the public. Here are copies of the correspondence:

-----Original Message-----
From: Dane Wigington
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 1:21 AM
To: Bob Dyer
Subject: Hello Bob
Hello Bob,
It is my understanding you are examining the issue of global climate engineering. The gravity of this issue can not be overstated and the damage done from these programs is becoming so cataclysmic that I don't believe it can be hidden for much longer. I hope my web site ( can be of use in your investigation. We have about 20,000 visitors a day and that is increasing.
Dane Wigington
On Jun 11, 2014, at 12:28 PM, Bob Dyer wrote:
Your website must be quite lucrative. Twenty-nine bucks for a video? Nice work if you can get it. :)
Hello Bob,
Actually, your research has come up short again, obviously . Its $29 for FOUR commercial DVDs AND 30 full color two sided glossy flyers AND priority mail costs. All said and done no profit involved. And then there is the fact that we mail out about 3 packages free to activists for every 1 that pays. In case it is not yet clear to you Bob, this adds up to a big NET LOSS. Its about the cause for us, something you would not likely relate to. We are already featuring you on our "disinformationdirectory" site Bob, we will email a copy of your post when its up. The climate engineering issue is beginning to get exposed and our goal is to document all those like yourself that have helped to cover up the crime. This way the public at large will know exactly who you are and can look you up to have you explain why you lied once the programs are fully disclosed. Hope you find your honor Bob, clearly you have given it up for the moment.
Dane Wigington

Ok, so Bob's response was pretty ignorant, huh? Especially since Dane was attempting to communicate in a non-aggressive, non-critical way.

Well, apparently Bob was a tad pissed off, because he sent ANOTHER email to Dane, still going on about the effin' DVD. SERIOUSLY?? Bob, you've been at the Beacon how long???? Is that your idea of creative writing?

On Jun 12, 2014, at 7:33 AM, Bob Dyer wrote: > What's a blank DVD cost, about a buck? And you're LOSING money? Gimme a break.

Dane replied:

Perhaps you still did not do the math I outlined below Bob, just like you have clearly never investigated climate engineering but rather chose to follow your bent to conform with the power structure that gives you your marching orders. In addition to mailing our about 3 free activist packages of DVDS for every one that pays, our site has mailed out about a hundred thousand color glossy two sided flyers priority mail all for free to activists. You see Bob, for us, its not about how much we spend getting the word out, its about exposing climate engineering which will then bring people like you to light as accessories to the crime for your part in helping to hide it. People like you are why the world is such a mess. The time will soon enough come when your readers will want you to explain why you lied to them about such a dire issue. We will do our best to expose your statements to the wider public in the meantime. Have a nice day Bob

So, we've got the ball rolling, and it is up to you, my faithful readers to follow through. Dane suggested finding an autism parents group to send this information to. Here in Northeast Ohio, we are overwhelmed with cancer, ADHD, diabetes, and of course the perpetual snotty noses and congestion. Be creative. Contact hospitals, schools, and support groups. WE WERE NEVER MEANT TO LIVE IN SUCH A DECREPIT STATE OF BEING ON THIS PLANET. This is being deliberately done to us and it must be stopped.

The sad part about all this is that obviously Bob does not know who he is dealing with. Dane Wigington has a worldwide reputation for his scrupulous and tireless research into geoengineering and the devastating effects it has had on the planet and all things living. Bob has lost a major opportunity to team up with such an expert and make a positive difference in the world, even bringing new respect for the Akron Beacon Journal. And now, well, gosh. Wonder what'll happen to Bob now. . .

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