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June 3, 2014

As before, I want to start with the fun stuff. For those of you who are big fans of my coloring book pages, (and I know there are lots of you), I have really slacked off in my coloring. My goal this past year was to build up my site with a variety of materials that a wide range of viewers would find helpful and interesting. The most time-consuming aspect was the Cross-Reference/Resource Index, which are my most challenging as far as code writing. I have all of the "Styles, Genres" indices completed (unless I discover another necessary category), and have a nice selection of the others, but much more to go. If you have not checked those out, please do so--they are very cool pages. I have a couple more ready to post in the "Authors, People" section, then will probably not post too many more until late fall.

In any case, though I don't usually color too much in the summer because I am so busy outdoors, I decided to fix myself up a little corner of the porch where I could keep my books and crayons set up all day, then color when I take a break. (See photo below) In the house, I don't leave my stuff laying around because my cats might get the urge to use my coloring books as a scratching pad, so I have to clear up everything when I leave my desk, and getting it all out is just too much trouble unless I plan to sit a couple hours. So this will make it easy to color here and there. I hope to have new posts very soon. This table will also come in handy for cooling cookies from the oven for the same reason mentioned above.

And now, of course, comes the not-so-fun-stuff, and it is overwhelming. If you have not done so, please read my article Refusing to Cooperate (And Creating a Back-up Plan. I am dead-serious about this. Years ago, when I started this farm as a commercial venture, I went around doing public speaking, and my mantra was this: "Either we voluntarily change our behavior toward this planet, or we will be changed, involuntarily." The assault upon us by chemtrails and HAARP through our own government and military, and the governments and military of other nations in cahoots with us has violently exacerbated an already life-threatening problem but it is not the root of the problem. I absolutely support Dane Wigington and his heroic efforts to stop this atrocity. Please get on his site and read it thoroughly!!! Listen to his internet radio interviews, also posted on the site, left-hand column. From his recent posts, it seems the State of Florida is heading toward taking a stand by calling for criminal prosecution against these blatant killers, who are unlawfully spraying the world's population with deadly toxins, and killing off the planet's ability to sustain life. The most painful aspect of it for me is seeing the suffering of the animals. IT IS THEIR RIGHT TO BE HERE.

But as I said in the article named above, even if these criminals are stopped, at this point the Earth is such a mess that I doubt if we can reverse its collapse. The root cause of the problem, as I have been stating for thirty years is OVER-POPULATION, OVER-DEVELOPMENT, and ABUSIVE FARMING TECHNIQUES. My deepest thoughts are that this civilization is destined to go. Our current population will be the dinosaurs of the Next Great Extinction. Therefore, I am focusing nearly all of my attention on exiting to another dimension.

But while I am here, I am building what I can and doing what I need to do. My theory is that it will all carry over, where ever I go. Farming is a real struggle. My greenhouse is still mud, but at least workable mud--enough to enable me to transplant my cucumbers which are calling out to be put in the ground. They are already ready to put out tendrils, and the next step is blossoms. I have zillions of pineapple tomatilloes that self-seeded, and they are already in blossom. I will be updating my "What's for Sale" page soon.

Nevertheless, there are so many things I observe that are bad omens. I decided to start feeding my pet turtles fresh food. Commercial pellets are so expensive, plus not that easy to find, and I figured they would like bugs and stuff better. I will not sacrifice my earthworms or centipedes to them, but I usually have handfuls of pill bugs and sow bugs in my soil. They are natural promoters of decomposition but they also eat vegetables, so those I will sacrifice. What is disturbing is that I see so few. I look for signs of soil health and soil failure, and this is a bad sign indeed. I'm sure the people at Monsanto look at this with glee. Let's just pour more chemical toxins into the soil, then plant GMO seeds. It is bad, all very, very bad. It will end, one way or another.

Coloring on the Porch

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Here is my little card table set up on the northeast side of the porch. I read and eat out there, too.

Murdle and Berthe

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Here is Murdle doing the stretch under a heat lamp. I rescued him fourteen years ago when I was still teaching in Hudson, Ohio. I saw him on 303 but by the time I got my car turned around, a delivery truck had run over him. I stopped traffic in the middle of the busy highway, and picked him up. I wrapped his shell in packing tape, and he wore it for a year. When I took it off, his shell had grown back, although you can still see the scars. Berthe is in the water. She is also a rescue. I have two other females, Gurdle, and Odes, in another tub.

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