The Cosmic Dream Diary

May 19, 2014

Hello, and Welcome to The Cosmic Dream Diary, 2014. This feature will keep you informed of the goings-on at the farm, including photos. It will replace The Year in Pictures and The Enchanted Cucumber Forest from 2013, but you may still view those pages and also The Recycling Pages.

I have a lot of serious stuff to talk about, but let's do the fun stuff first: For those of you who are fans of my ever-expanding book review section, I want to give you a heads-up on my plans. Last June, I set a goal to read 100 books in a year. I have reached that goal. Next year, it will be 52, a much more manageable target, which of course includes a review of every book. I make a point to post a wide variety of book reviews to cover many different interests. However, during the summer months, I will be focusing on populating the Cross-Reference/Resource Pages that I have completed so far. Those are very complicated codes. Some of them have taken me a couple days to write and I will not have as much time to work on them during the summer. I have made an effort to index many different categories, and have lots of books to read that will fill them up. These are really cool pages, incidentally, and if you have not checked them out, please do.

And now for the more serious issues. If you have been reading my Articles, you know how impassioned I have become, even more so than usual about getting people to wake up. Yet still they slumber, while we are running out of time at an accelerated rate that speeds up by the day. There are so many issues on the planet that are catastrophic in themselves, any one could bring about our sudden demise. Put them all together, (and you really cannot separate them), and it is like one big domino board. When the first one goes down, they all go, and then game over folks. I am not talking five or ten years from now, I am talking NOW.

But the absolute most dire issue of them all is what the government is doing to the skies. Look up! Most people are totally unaware that we are being deliberately sprayed with metals and toxins that have seriously decimated the planet's own ability to balance herself, along with poisoning us, our water, food, animals, and everything else. The media has tried to make us believe we are heading into a period of "global cooling." I have even heard it referred to as a "Mini Ice Age." BULLSHIT!! Except for the people in the eastern third of the U.S., the rest of the planet is frying. The western states are in incredibly deep shit. They have no water, and are hitting one record high temperature after another, while we here are freezing our tits, and need high-water galoshes just to walk in our flippin' yards. This is being manipulated the by government. Wake up! Look up!

The best, most accurate and professionally researched website on this issue is put out by a man named Dane Wigington. His website is GeoEngineering Watch. I have been helping him spread the word for several months now, and am in touch with him on a regular basis. I thought I knew about this stuff, but his information has stunned me. Be sure to listen to his internet radio interviews. They are very good. Dane is one of the world's foremost experts on this atrocity, and has been devoting his life to educate the public for ten years. I have been passing out his fliers to anyone who will take one. If you are local, I can give you some. If you are not local, Dane will send them to anyone who emails him and requests them.

And of course, this brings up the question of farming. Will I be farming this year? Will anyone be farming this year? Will we still be alive by June? July? We are hanging on a precipice. I am living one day to the next. I did plant a few seeds so far. My cucumbers are coming up, but my greenhouse is under water. Nothing grows in the mud. In the meantime, I am putting a great deal of energy into my metaphysical work. I'm not sure anything can be done physically to reverse our situation. I will be writing as many Articles as I can, so please check for them often.

And of course, this was the winter that would not end, and here in the east it was pretty much living hell. Not that I want to remember it, but I do have some photos to share

Molly in the snow

January Sunset

January Sunset

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About the only one who didn't mind the snow was Molly, but even she had a hard time getting her fat little legs to maneuver through the drifts. (Her brother, Rex, hated it.) The next two photos were shot at sunset against my west woods. The red weeds are actually a reflection of the sun.

Icy trees

Icy trees

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Above is the same woods the day after an ice storm. Below are some snowy views of the farm.

Trees lining the driveway

Looking toward the north woods

Greenhouse and driveway

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Today something happened that could have ended tragically, but instead had a happy ending. I was sitting at my computer this morning. There is a window right behind me that is under the porch. Suddenly a bird slammed into it. I don't know why, but that happens quite frequently. They usually just fly away, but this poor thing hit so hard, I thought it would die. When I went out onto the porch, it was just sitting there in a daze. I began stroking it, and did healing energy work. I could feel energy being pulled out of my hands. I kept saying "I love you." I read quite a while back, in a book written by an animal communicator that animals understand and respond to the word "love" and it has consistently proved to be true. Pretty soon, his eyes were able to focus and he could balance himself. The thing is, I had never seen a bird like this before on my farm, and I pay a great deal of attention to my wealth of birds. So I came in and looked it up. It was a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. I checked on it again, and it was perkier. I was on one of those bird websites that includes a recording of birdcalls. No wonder I never noticed this bird. It sounds just like a robin!. So I opened my window, with the bird still sitting outside, and played the recording for it. It began to cock its head and listen, and after a few minutes, flew away. I wish I would have taken a photo, but it was in a dark corner of the porch and I didn't want to upset it. I found this photo online. They are absolutely gorgeous birds!

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

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