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Here is where you can find current information about what is going on at the farm and what is available for purchase. We are located in Northeast Ohio, Palmyra Township, on Yale Road. For more information, please email us at the "Contact" link above.

We are devoted to living in harmony with Nature and respect toward Earth and all her creatures. We embrace vegetarianism, animal rights, and are committed to spiritual consciousness. We conduct our lives and lifestyle according to these beliefs.


Each year I provide a special series highlighting what's going on at the farm, including what is growing and what is for sale, along with environmental issues, especially the devastating effects caused by chemtrail spraying. Here in Northeast Ohio, we have been drenched and flooded nearly non-stop for the past six years or so. My organic topsoil that I painstakingly built for thirty years is now almost completely gone. In fact, organic growing anywhere on the planet is somewhat of a joke now. Everything on earth: the air, soil, water, food—everything, is laced with the toxic fallout of heavy metals which are the ingredients of these sprays. Add to that the fact that our sun has been so drastically dimmed, which is one of the "goals" of the weather manipulators, that, at least here in Northeast Ohio, we have ONE DARK DAY AFTER ANOTHER. I can probably count on one hand the number of clear and sunny days we have per year. Sunshine is the giver of life. We cannot live without it.

If you think this is not affecting you, think again. Every living organism on this planet is nearing an accelerated annihilation. We are in a serious global crisis that must be stopped if we expect to continue to inhabit this planet. Period. Throughout this website, on these farm pages, and in my articles, you can find a great deal of information on this subject. Many people believe this criminal activity is the most threatening issue on the planet, short of nuclear holocaust. I agree. It doesn't matter where you live, your life and continued life on earth is in jeopardy.

Annual Flower Display

Here are the yearly special series:

For 2016:

Notes From the Farm

For 2015:

The News from Cosmic Dream Farm

For 2014:

The Cosmic Dream Diary

For 2013:

2013: The Year in Pictures

Fall Foliage

And here are some general series:

Favorite Seed Companies

Everything here is grown organically—we make our own potting soil by composting, and nearly everything used on the farm has been recycled. To learn about great recycling ideas, please check out the recycling pages here:

The Recycling Pages

The Enchanted Cucumber Forest began back in 2010, when we first started this innovative idea to utilize that huge vertical space between the ground and ceiling of the greenhouse. I remember going in there early one morning to pick a cucumber for breakfast. I was suddenly confronted with this fantasy world of cucumbers hanging everywhere in a virtual forest of vines. We have done it every year since. So, here it is in pictures and text from 2013. Enjoy and be fascinated!

The Enchanted Cucumber Forest


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