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Dover has published three of these, all of which I own, but this is the first I have completed. They are famous novels illustrated in comic book style. I wasn't sure I would enjoy doing it, but as it turned out, I enjoyed it a great deal. It took me a while to complete, however.

Bram Stoker, of course wrote the original Dracula. John Green did the illustrations to the coloring book and also adapted the text. It is obviously greatly condensed, leaving much out, and totally omitting any mention of Lucy's mother who played a rather important role in the book. Even the style is different—closer to the Hollywood renditions of Dracula than Stoker's intent. Stoker, of course, wrote his book in diary/epistolary form, but the coloring book is obviously in the present.

But it's Ok because it is still fun and the story line is mostly there. It is divided into the four main sections: Jonathan Harker at Dracula's Castle in Transylvania, Romania; Lucy and Mina vacationing by the sea at Whitby; London; and the return to Dracula's Castle. Most pages are divided as a comic book, but there are several throughout which feature full-page pictures. I chose to post scenes from each of the locations, and decided it would work better if I did the photos as double pages.

One of the things I did while coloring that seemed to make it easier to remember skin and eye colors, and clothing, too where several pictures were of a continuing scene, was to go through and color one character in each picture, rather than coloring the whole picture and moving to the next. Therefore, the process of working through this book was little bits colored on many pages, then going back and filling in the other parts.

The first image is of Jonathan arriving at the castle, pages 4-5. One of the aspects I really enjoyed was the challenge of light and shadows, and the beam cast from lamps, since so much of the story takes place at night.

Dracula's Castle

The next scene is at Whitby right after the Russian ship carrying Dracula to England wrecks during a storm. Lucy begins sleepwalking, but Mina catches her, pages 18-19.


On the night of the sea captain's funeral, Lucy goes to bed early. She sleepwalks again, but Mina does not catch her. She is bitten by Dracula for the first time in the churchyard before Mina finds her, pages 22-23.


In this scene, now in London, Lucy has already died and become one of the undead. Professor Van Helsing knows about vampires and has educated all those involved. Lucy's betrothed, Arthur, along with Jonathan, Dr. Seward, and their American friend Quincey, all go to Lucy's casket, where they drive a stake through her heart so that she may be free of the curse, pages 32-33.


They then begin to stalk Dracula, hoping to find his casket in the house which he has purchased in London. He is aware of this, and kills Dr. Seward's mental patient, then goes to attack Mina, pages 36-37.


Finally, aware that he is losing the battle, Dracula attempts to return to his castle. Mina, however, fully conscious that she is under his spell, is still able to cooperate. It is through Van Helsing hypnotizing her that the group is able to keep tabs on his path as he travels. They split up and cover both land and water so he cannot outsmart them, pages 42-43.

Return to Dracula's Castle

It's all great fun, and when it's finished, you have a nice unique comic book to enjoy!


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