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It seems that an awful lot of authors were also sailors at one point in their lives. Consequently, I have found myself in need of lots of ships to decorate my index pages. This particular collections contains some absolutely lovely paintings and drawings of ships, most of them actual historic vessels, such as the Mayflower and Beagle. There are lots of merchant ships here, and naval ships from different countries. A wide range of eras is covered, beginning with an Egyptian Galley from 1600 B.C., and ending with a 19th century barque.

Since I created this website, and have set pretty strict reading goals, as mentioned above, I have found myself involved in more sea tales than I could have ever imagined. At least at this point, most of what I read is classical literature, and the largest body of works comes from the extremely prolific writers of the 1800s, who seemed to be fascinated with water travel often to exotic places, with pirates, and with the shipping industry. Add to that, the bulk of them are from the UK, where water is part of their lives. At first I felt like I was reading a foreign language, because there really is a unique lingo when one writes about sea life. I am amazed at how familiar it now is to me, especially never having been on the ocean, or even seen it. (OK, I've seen Lake Erie. . .) In any case, I can now recognize a beauty in ships that perhaps I did not before.

So, here are some examples from the collection, but you will also see these scattered about on the rest of my site. All images are labeled and the date of the vessel is given. They are mostly in color, but some are black and white sketches. Being one of the newer Dover CD-ROMs, the images are available in a number of formats.

#005: Phoenician Ship, 1000 B.C.
#018: Medieval Ship
#029: Golden Hind, 1577

Medieval Ship

Golden Hind

Phoenician Ship

#051: Resolution, 18th Century
#059: Dutch Shipping off Enkhuizen, 17th Century
#161: Thermopylae, 1868

Dutch shipping off Enkhuizen



#118: Sovereign of the Seas, American Clipper, 1852
#196: Barque, 19th Century


Sovereign of the Seas

#167: Carlisle Castle, Passenger Ship, 1873
#150: Cutty Sark, British Tea Clipper, 1869

Cutty Sark

Carlisle Castle

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