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Charles Auguste Albert Racinet was born in 1825 in Paris and died in 1893 in Montfort-l'Amaury. He was an art historian and lithographer, and is probably more well known for his beautiful historic costume illustrations than for the images contained in this collection.

Here, we have, as the title says, historic ornament, which, according to the description on the back cover, comes from jewelry, illuminated manuscripts, metalwork, textiles, woodwork, frescoes, stained glass, and more. There are 852 images from a vast area, both globally and chronologically. It begins with ancient Egypt, and ends with the 18th century. It includes Europe, the Middle East, Far East, Asia, and other places not often covered in collections such as these, such as Armenia, Persian, Byzantine, Islamic. . . Wow! Such a variety. I am finding these useful on my Index Pages, especially for countries/eras that are more difficult to find images that I like.

One other feature that I appreciate here is that the images are all in a manageable size, which doesn't require a huge reduction, as some of the older CD-ROMs do. This one is from 2007. The only thing that I don't like is that some images include only a little chunk, making them difficult to work with, say, for matching as a repeated border or background.

Because there is so much here, I will include one image from each category. To see more of this book, click the link above and check out the index pages.

Ancient Egypt: Painted Tomb Ceilings and Friezes #023
Ancient Greece: Ornament, Chiefly Architectural #098
Ancient Italy: Mosaics and Murals from Pompeii and Herculaneum #121
Japan: Motifs from Textiles and Wallpapers #187
India: Florals and Scrollwork from Textiles, Manuscripts and Metalwork #220

Ancient Greece

Ancient Italy



Ancient Egypt

Mughal India: Border Elements from 16th Century Paintings #239
Persia: motifs from Enameled and Glazed Ceramic Wall Cladding #276
Turkey: Motifs from Wall Tiles Inlaid Wood, and Painted and Enameled Terra-Cottas #301



Mughal India

Armenia: Motifs from an Illuminated Gospel Manuscript, 16th Century #304
Islamic: Ornaments from an Illuminated Manuscript #334
Moorish: Tile Designs from the Alhambra and from the Seville Alcázar #368
Byzantine: Designs from Architecture and Manuscripts, Greece and Italy #405
Medieval: Designs from Ivory and Wood Inlays, France and Italy, 14th and 15th Centuries #477






Renaissance: Ornaments from a Late 15th-Century Italian Manuscript #635
17th Century: From Murals, Manuscripts, and Metalwork #780
18th Century: French Silk Fabrics #825

17th Century

18th Century


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