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If you like that old-fashioned look to decorate your projects and crafts, and need images of domestic animals, many with people, especially children, this is a nice, large collection. It has a few of the same pictures as the Full-Color Frames and Borders CD-ROM and Book, and even more that are also found in the very large collection, Full-Color Old-Time Animals CD-ROM and Book. But most of the images are unique to this book, so it will not be a waste of money to purchase this even if you own the other two.

I found these useful as I created my various animal index pages, particularly Dogs, Cats, Horses, and Other Pets. Of course, there are lots of illustrations of all three of those critters, plus birds, rabbits and some farm animals. Many of them are quite nice or cute, but I have to say, some are just terrible! But I didn't use those obviously. I guess the turn-of-the-century artists had different perceptions in depicting animals than we do now.

One of the other drawbacks is that, like most of Dover's older collections, the images are in TIFF format, and are huge. For my use, I had to reduce some down as much as 80% or even more. But other than that, I really do like this set. It has 294 images in all. Here is a nice variety of animals and poses. I used my GIMP program to remove the white backgrounds.

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