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Off all the Dover Books with CD-ROM collections I own, and it's quite a few, this one has been my absolute favorite. You can see these watery, gooey, slimy, gel-y backgrounds on numerous pages of my site. Since I downloaded GIMP onto my computer, I don't use them quite as much, because I make my own backgrounds, but these are good starting points to play with all my filters and other toys.

Some of them look like the sea, and I've used them for sea-pages. With my "ShipsNBoats" dingbats, it looks like they're sailing along. Many have a more "techno" look, and there are lots that resemble cells or bacteria, for which I've used them effectively. Others have the creepy look, like some horrible substance in a sci-fi film. There are those that look like animal skins, particularly reptiles, and some look more fibrous, or even fabric-like. There are flowing metals here, too, and stuff that looks like a test-tube experiment. In all, an absolutely fun and useful collection.

Dover is no longer producing these sets, but they have their pictorial samplers for which you can sign up. I do not participate in that, but it is there if you need it. However, they still have tons of these books with CD-ROM in stock, and if it's not available there, it probably is at Amazon.

I have attempted to offer a nice representation of images for you to get an idea of what is available here. In addition, I have included links to some of my Cross-Reference/Resource Index Pages, which are my most creative. The older pages use many of these images as-is, or slightly manipulated, but with the newer ones, and GIMP, they become something quite unique. There are 200 images in all. Enjoy these watery delights! The background is image 147 and the textbox, 026.

Images 001, 007, 027




Images 035, 048, 063




Images 073, 099, 119




Images 136, 164, 167




Images 169, 193, 200




Here are a just a few of my many pages that use Liquids and Gels as a background:
Medieval Era, Knights & Armor
Buddhist and Hindu Peoples
Polynesia, South Seas
Aquatic Plants and Animals
Fungus, Disease, The Body
Pirates, Seafarers, Travel by Water
Reptiles and Amphibians
Vampires and Other Monsters
Wizards, Witches, Mermaids, Dragons, Unicorns

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