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The title to this one is deceiving because most of these images are not frames and borders. They are old-fashioned illustrations covering a wide range of subjects: holidays, foods, love, animals, children, angels, flowers, and lots of other images. Each page has at least one border, and little figures in the same category as the border. I remember when I was a little girl having stickers that looked similar to these. They were the kind you had to lick to stick—yuk. I have found this collection useful on a number of occasions, including my Children's Literature Index, Miscellaneous Index, and several other of these index pages.

The one thing I don't like, and I make this complaint with a number of these Dover CD-ROM collections, is that the images are in TIFF format, making them humongous. For my needs, they must be reduced greatly in size. The newer collections do not use TIFF as a format, and if they do, a smaller JPEG is usually available. But, that said, in all, it isn't that big of a deal. The Dover Design manager allows you to easily reduce them before you even copy them onto wherever they're going.

Other than that, they are quite charming and can lend an old-fashioned appeal to projects that cry out for this type of visual. As usual, I have included a variety of images to give you an idea of what may be found in this set. They are not labeled, but you may mouse-over any image to find its number on the CD-ROM and Plate number in the book. If you are near my age, these will bring back memories of childhood.

Plate 6 #035

Plate 4 #056

Plate 11 #102

Plate 2 #011

Plate 13 #120

Plate 21 #189

Plate 12 #114

Plate 7 #068

Plate 8 #081

Plate 12 #114

Plate 23 #214

Plate 16 #143

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