Dover CD-ROM and Book

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This is a nice collection of ornaments and designs, many of which appear to be fabric, perhaps, or even painted patterns. The book doesn't give much information, but nevertheless, they are lovely, bright and colorful to look at. Many can be used as repeatable backgrounds with a little manipulation.

One of the annoying features of this particular CD-ROM is that the images are all in TIFF format, which means they are humongous, and, at least for my purposes, which is mostly for my website, they must be reduced in size. Some of these are reduced to as much as 20%. There are quite a few figures and objects, but most of the images are the background-type patterns.

Here are a few examples of what is included in the collection. As usually, I tried to represent a wide range. Nothing is labeled, but you may mouse-over any image to find its page number in the book and number on the CD-ROM. You may also view more of these lovely patterns and designs on the Egypt Index Page.












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