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Most people have heard of John James Audubon, famous for his gorgeous prints of birds. I personally didn't realize he lived so long ago—1785-1851, and was born in what is now Haiti! As a child, he lived in France, then immigrated to the United States when he was 18 years old. He had a rather, eh, colorful childhood, and his father seemed to be quite a bit of a free spirit. Wikipedia has a lengthy article which supplies much background information. What is important here, of course, is Audubon's love of birds, which has gifted the world with not only exquisite artwork, but information on species previously unknown. Unfortunately, I personally am appalled that he also killed the birds he was studying and supposedly loved. He was a taxidermist and created a nature museum of his stuffed menagerie, not only of birds, but all kinds of animals. He died in Manhattan in 1851.

This collection from Dover contains 120 of Audubon's bird prints, all labeled as to species and sex, and also indexed. You may view more of these artworks on the Birds Index Page.

#002: White-winged Crossbill; Males (red), Females (yellow)
#004: Purple Finch; Males (red), Female (brown)
#009: Northern Oriole: Adult Male (top), Young Male (middle), Female (bottom)

White-winged Crossbill Purple Finch Northern Oriole

#017: Snow Bunting; Adults (top, middle), Young (bottom)
#035: Cerulean Warbler; Old Male (top), Young Male (bottom)
#065: Northern Flicker; Female (top), Male (bottom)

Snow Bunting Cerulean Warbler Northern Flicker

#069: Whip-poor-will
#074: Carolina Parakeet; Males (top, middle), Female (bottom left), Young (bottom right)
#077: Wild Turkey; Male

Whip-poor-will Carolina Parakeet Wild Turkey

#082: California Condor
#085: Great Auk; Adults

California Condor Great Auk

#094: Long-billed Curlew
#115: Snowy Egret; Male

California Condor Snowy Egret


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