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In this collection, Dover has compiled a very interesting array of famous paintings depicting love and romance. They range from innocent to tender looks of love, to passionate kissing, groping, booby squeezing and frolicking in bed. Definitely lots of eroticism! The subjects are often classical gods and goddesses, and we all know how they messed around. Some are well-known characters from literature or epic tales. Others are just regular people, sometimes looking silly in a pose that is supposed to be romantic.

There is also a wide range of eras represented. Unless I missed something, the earliest painting is by Jan van Eyck, from 1434, (pictured bottom middle on the cover above), up to the early 1900s and everything in between, in lots of different styles, so there is sure to be something to please everyone's taste in art and love.

Obviously, it was a challenge to decide which paintings to post. Here are a few, and you may see more on the Love & Romance Index Page. Enjoy these delightful works! You may mouse-over any image for its number on the CD-ROM.

No love and romance collection would be complete without Cupid, or some sort of cherub with an arrow. There are quite a few in this collection. This one is by Franҫois Boucher called La Cible D'Amour (Love Target) from 1758. The next one, from 1872 is a beautifully tender work called The Proposal by Adolph-William Bouguereau.

La Cible D'Amour

The Proposal

Here we see a much more modern style of painting, though painted only four years after the one above, in 1876. It is by Paul Cézanne, called Afternoon in Naples. Next we leap backwards in time to 1480. The painting is called The Combat of Love and Chastity by Gherardo di Giovanni del Fora.

The Combat of Love and Chastity

Afternoon in Naples

This painting by Cornelis Corneliszoon van Haarlem from 1594 is called A Courting Couple and a Woman with a Songbook, and is one of those silly-looking poses I mentioned above. The great Rembrandt van Rijn did the next work, entitled The Bridal Couple, 1665. There appears to be a bit of booby groping going on in that one.

The Bridal Couple

A Courting Couple and a Woman with a Songbook

The next painting, by Louis-Léopold Robert is beautiful and seductive. It is called A Girl from Procida, from 1822. And last we see another painting of seduction, though not very subtle. It is called The Awakening Conscience by William Holman Hunt, 1853.

The Awakening Conscience

A Girl from Procida


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