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This one goes hand-in-hand with the 120 Great impressionist Paintings CD-ROM and Book, but the difference is that it is devoted to Monet alone, certainly one of the greatest artists of the era. It is mostly paintings and a few drawings and sketches.

One characteristic for which Monet is famous is his fascination with painting the same scene over and over again in different light. The Rouen Cathedral is probably his best known light study, and this collection has nine of them. (I don't know how many he actually did.) And he obviously loved capturing the glitter of light on water, because watery scenes abound, as do flowers and nature. Though he also painted people, especially his wife Camille and his children, he did so perhaps less than other Impressionists. And also unlike some of the other Impressionists, most of Monet's paintings depict pleasant scenes.

As usual, I have chosen a nice cross-section of the works included here. There are 185 images in all. Monet was a busy man! They are in chronological order, which makes it easy to see how he developed his style over the years. Unlike the Impressionist collection mentioned above, however, there is no index or additional information as to size of the paintings or medium used.

These are simply gorgeous works of art! Enjoy!

Spring Flowers, 1864 #011
The Studio Boat, 1874 #057

Spring Flowers

The Studio Boat

Rocks at Belle-Île, 1889 #123
Parliament, Sunlight Effect in the Fog, 1904 #161

Rocks at Belle-Île

Parliament, Sunlight Effect in the Fog

Three Studies of Rouen Cathedral
Façade, (Gray day), 1894 #148
Rouen Cathedral Symphony in Grey and Rose, 1892 #150
The Façade, Morning Mist, 1894 #154

Façade, (Gray day)

Rouen Cathedral Symphony in Grey and Rose

 The Façade, Morning Mist


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