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This is a huge collection—355 designs in all, but they are little motifs; no large designs. There are lots and lots of initials. I am glad I also have the book, Illuminated Initials in Full Color: 548 Designs, which contains only initials, but they are arranged in alphabetical order. The advantage is that you can actually tell what the letters are. On the CD-ROM, they are all mixed up, and I didn't even realize some were initials until I saw them in the other book! These two books really go hand-in-hand. I recommend buying both together.

Of course, the advantage to having the book with CD-ROM, is that they are right there on your computer. In addition to initials, there are also many other designs. Many look like fabric or tapestry, or some kind of needlework. Some are very strange indeed. They are bright and colorful and would be a delightful decoration for any project that requires that particular antique look.

There were so many to choose from! Some are also on the Medieval Era, Knights & Armor Index. Here is a nice smattering, Mouse-over the image to obtain its number on the CD-ROM and page number in the book.

Here are some initials, an L, a K, an E (really, it is an E)

#167, page 11

#148, page 10

#071, page 5

Here we have an N, then something that looks like a scepter, or part of one and a woman holding two coat-of-arms.

#198, page 14

#211, page 14

#296, page 20

In this row is a dragon which looks like it might be an initial, but I couldn't find it in the initial book; an angel playing an instrument, and a spotted animal that looks like a cross between a dog and a deer, but I'm not much of an authority on Medieval art.

#147 page 10

#022, page 2

#056, page 4

And this is even a stranger combination, kind of a lion with a woman's torso and head. Last is a decorative arch.

#068 page 5

#344, page 24

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