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Samuel Rush Meyrick was an English collector of, among other antiquities, arms and armour. Though his Doctorate was in Civil Law, he also wrote books on antique objects, not only armour, but costume and furniture, mostly from the British Isles and the County of Cardigan. His beautiful gilded paintings illustrate his most well-known work, a three-volume set about armour from the Norman Conquest to the reign of King Charles II.

After his death, his cousin Augustus Meyrick exhibited Samuel's objects at what is now the Victoria and Albert Museum. He sold some items to collectors. Others were donated to the British Museum.

This collection contains beautiful illustrations by Meyrick, although it does not say from what source they are drawn. In addition to armour, there are numerous ornate initials included. As usual, I will provide you with a well-rounded variety of images from the CD-ROM. You may mouse-over any image to obtains its number in the book and on the CD-ROM.

Sir John Crosbie and a sergeant at arms, 1475
Maximilian I, Emperor of Germany, 1498




Armour, 1620
Figure from the target of Charles V
Knight of the Montford family, 1286




Aylmer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke. 1315



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