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Jan Sovak is probably my favorite nature coloring book artist, and I especially like his series of dinosaur/prehistoric coloring books. But his fine art is even more enchanting. This collection of dinosaur art is truly sublime—he has captured the energy of what the wild and untamed planet must have been like (or at least hypothetically). The environment is hostile and the skies threatening, although there are also scenes of a peaceful tranquility. He has depicted each dinosaur's personality to the extent that scientists have been able to ascertain. Many were humble vegetarians while others were vicious predators. Some were slow and stupid, built to withstand an attack without the speed to outrun an enemy. Others were lithe and quick, and some were even downright intelligent. Fascinating stuff here, both artistically and historically. In addition to full scenes, Sovak has sketches and drawings, including bones and skeletons that appear to have been preliminary studies intended to gain greater insight for his larger works. There is an index in the back of all the dinosaurs pictured. Here are a few representative examples to entice. For more images, please see the Dinosaur Cross Reference Index. This book and CD-ROM contains 232 images.

One other note on this particular set: The images are in several different formats, which conveniently includes internet-ready jpgs which don't need to be resized to be used for smaller applications, for instance, as I am doing here. But they are also available in a huge TIFF format (as in the background image) which can be more easily resized while still remaining clean and crisp. I used the TIFF format for the Index mentioned above.

I love dinosaurs and hope you do, too. This is certainly one of my top favorite CD-ROM and Book collections.

Page 6, #029: Struthiomimus
Page 7, #031: Edmontonia
Page 33, #170: Pachyrhinosaurus




Page 10, #049: Chirostenotes
Page 12, #057: Conchoraptor
Page 14, #069 Dicraeosaurus




Page 13, #064: Bugenasaura
Page 15, #076: Erikosaurus
Page 20, #097: Hadrosaurus eggs
Page 32, #161: Dromaeosaurus foot



Hadrosaurus eggs

Dromaeosaurus foot

Page 11, #53: Pachycephalosaurus
Page 44, #230: Augustinia



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