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I love ethnic art, and African is perhaps one of my favorites. Its colorful and vibrant shapes and figures seem to pulsate with an exotic tribal energy that triggers within us all a memory of our primitive roots. The Dover Pictura Image Archive books with CD-ROM (the thick square books) usually contain a much larger selection than the regular books with CD-ROM. This one has 287 images, including many backgrounds. And as is typical, it contains large jpgs, plus internet-ready jpgs that do not have to be reduced as much in size. Of course, they may all be manipulated with the Dover Design Manager (included), or with your own image program. I doubly appreciate this collection because, as far as I know, it is the only collection of African art that Dover has available. They do have a number of African-design-themed coloring books, however, all of which I happily own.

I first purchased this collection, in fact, as a guide when I was working on the Masks of the World coloring book, of which a good portion is dedicated to different regions in Africa. Unfortunately, this particular book and CD-ROM does not have a guide that offers further information about the images as some of them do.

As is always the case, I will try to present a broad overview to give you an idea of what is in this collection. Remember, you may mouse-over any image to obtain its number on the CD-ROM and page number in the book. Enjoy these dazzling and energetic images! To view additional images, please see the African Resource Index.

#009, page 9

#019, page 15

#023, page 16

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#038, page 21

#049, page 25

#180, page 75

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#148, page 59

#167, page 68

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