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This is a good collection of all kinds of insects, both individual images and some which include a nest or environment. There are 642 in all. I do have a couple issues with this set, however. Only 206 of those images are in color. I would have preferred more. All the ones in color are individual insects—no nests. The black-and-white images are really the more interesting. Some insects, such as spiders are not represented in color. The colored images are mostly beetles, moths and butterflies, and dragon/damselflies.

The other problem I have is that nothing is labeled, other than a general classification at the page bottom. If you want to know what insect you are seeing, you must research it. I do realize this is typical with Dover's clipart. Apparently they assume that people who use these are only interested in the artistic element. I certainly am not, and I'll bet others would prefer labels, too. I doubt if this will ever change because I don't believe Dover is producing any new CD-ROM and book sets since they have their Pictura program to which people can subscribe and download individual images according to their needs. I am not a subscriber, nor have I any intention of becoming one at the present.

Nevertheless, these are good and fairly accurate illustrations and I've found uses for them throughout this site, you may have noticed. Here is a smattering of what's available. Incidentally, they are in all different sizes, perhaps to represent their actual proportion compared with each other. I have not resized any of the images shown. You may mouse-over them to find their number on the CD-ROM and page number in the book, plus the scientific order in which they belong. Please note: this aspect is not completely accurate, such as the inclusion of the praying mantis and walking stick in the Orthoptera order. Also note: the Odonata order is not represented in the black and white section, however members of this order are included in the Miscellaneous section.

There are more insects available for viewing on the Insects Index Page.

Here are the orders represented and the inclusive numbers:
Coleoptera (Beetles) Color: 001-072; Black and White: 207-319
Diptera (Flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes) Color: 073-085; Black and White: 320-350
Hemiptera and Homoptera (True Bugs, such as Stink Bugs, Aphids and Cicadas) Color: 086-116; Black and White: 351-383
Hymenoptera (Bees, Wasps, Ants) Color: 117-132; Black and White: 384-447
Lepidoptera (Moths and Butterflies) Color: 133-174; Black and White: 448-544
Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies) Color: 175-185
Orthoptera (Grasshoppers, Crickets, Katydids, Locusts) Color: 186-206; Black and White: 545-588
Miscellaneous (Includes Spiders) Black and White: 589-642

#023 page 3

#027 page 3

#077 page 6

#128 page 9

#014 page 2

#117 page 9

177 page 15

#115 page 8

#323 page 26

#343 page 27

#636 page 48

#239 page 20

#433 page 32

495 page 37

#403 page 31


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