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Here is a book that can be enjoyed by the whole family, along with learning about animals, or mammals, I should say, because that is what is represented here. The introduction gives basic information about different orders of mammals, and each page also supplies more information, such as what the animal eats, where it lives, and if it is endangered, although this is one of Dover's older coloring books, published 1987, so there may be some outdated text.

As is always the case with these coloring books, I do lots of online research to get my colors accurate, and of course, learned additional facts. And I also came across some—lots!!—of adorable pictures that I couldn't resist sharing.

These pictures in this book are nice and big and simple, so even younger children would enjoy it. There are four double-page scenes, fourteen on a single page with some scenery, and the rest just a drawing of an animal with maybe a little grass or ground. They turned out pleasing, and I had lots of favorites. I tried to choose a variety of types and locations to post on this page. The greatest number of them are in Africa. So here they are!

Pages 4-5: Puma; Western North America, down through Mexico, Central and South America, also Southeastern U.S.
Mountain Goat; Southeastern Alaska through extreme Southeast U.S.
Page 23: African Buffalo; Africa, South of the Sahara

Puma and Mountain Goats

African Buffalo

Page 47: Kangaroo (with joey); Australia
Pages 8-9: Brown Bear (or Grizzly or Kodiak); Alaska through Northwest U.S.
Moose; Alaska, Canada, Northeast to North Central U.S.

Kangaroo and Joey

Brown Bear and Moose

Page 18: Baboon; African Grasslands, South of the Sahara
Page 28: Warthog; African Grasslands, South of the Sahara



Page 26: Giraffe; African Grasslands, South of the Sahara
Page 11: Bighorn Sheep; Canadian and American Rockies
Page 35: Leopard; Southern Asia and Africa, South of the Sahara


Bighorn Sheep


And here are some of my favorite online animal images. These are also animals that are pictured in the coloring book. They are:

Mongolian Yak (Source: Ethical Fashion Forum) Wouldn't you love to have a sweater made of that? Ooh!! Mongolian yaks are "combed," not sheared, once a year for that exquisite wool.
Orangutan and Caretaker at The Orangutan Outreach, West Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo
Male Lion and Cub
Giant Anteater Photo Courtesy of the University of Michigan

Mongolian Yak

Orangutan and Caretaker

Male Lion and Cub

Giant Anteater

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