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Lee Anne Snozek did a whole set of these coloring books using geometric shapes. I own them all and this is the second I have completed as of August 2016. Outrageous Octagons was the first, and Simply Square will follow soon. They are all easy, fun, and relaxing.

Let me explain my interpretation of "relaxing" concerning coloring books. Dover of course has put a great effort into creating their Creative Haven line of adult coloring books, marketed as "relaxing" for adults. In my last order, I received one of their very newest series of Creative Havens called "Insanely Intricate." It is a gorgeous book, BUT THREE MILLION SHAPES THE SIZE OF A PINHEAD ON EACH PAGE IS NOT RELAXING. There. I said it.

This one, however, has some nice big shapes to color, and some that are more complex. Many are fractals of the larger ones. I included examples below. There are times when I only have 20-30 minutes to sit down and color. This book provided just the right stuff for me to squeeze in those limited relaxation allotments, and still have pages to color that I found interesting and enjoyable.

And so, I have narrowed it down to ten to post, but it was a tough call and I changed my mind several times. Most I did with crayon, but the ones with smaller shapes are done in pencil or pencil and crayon.

The first, from page 4 is done in pastel colored crayons, followed by page 5, which, though it may not show up that well, I did layers of crayon to create a marbled effect. The third, from page 8 is a fun and lively design. I used a combination of my favorite bright colors.

Page 5

Page 8

Page 4

The first in this row, from page 9, is an even livelier design and a bit more complex, so I used pencil. The bright yellow really sets off a nice contrast. The second one, page 16, is even more complex, and also done with pencils. It is a fractal of page 3, (not pictured). I like how Snozek created circular designs with triangles, page 18. I thought this one looked fiery, so I colored it accordingly.

Page 16

Page 18

Page 9

The next is one of my favorites in the book, from page 24. Even though the shapes aren't that small, I used pencils. I also rotated it when I colored it, so I posted it that way. I love earth tones, and they were a perfect match for the beautiful design from page 25. It isn't exactly a fractal, but a reworking of a square design found on page 23.

Page 25

Page 24

Here is a reworking and a fractal from that same design, found on page 28. It is done with pencils. The last one is from the last page in the book, 30, and is a fractal of page 17. It is also rotated.

Page 30

Page 28

So there they are. This is a great fun book, suitable for kids and adults.

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