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Before I began working on this book, I knew nothing about quilt patterns. I do numerous needle and fabric crafts, and I have done crazy quilts, but never traditional patterns. This book provided not only coloring enjoyment but a chance to learn a great deal and become inspired to learn real quilting.

As always, I did a lots of research as I was working on this book. I wanted to see how different quilters interpreted the patterns, and there are certainly many ways to do that. (In other words, there is no "right" way, but the patterns are merely a starting point for individual creativity.) A few of the blocks I was not able to find online as Schmidt had interpreted them, but most I did. And most of them were named appropriately and obviously, such as "snow crystals" and "arrowheads." But others I had to look up. My favorite was "fifty-four forty or fight." That is a historical slogan, referring to the Oregon boundary dispute, (the numbers are the parallel north) between British and American claims, also known as the "Manifest Destiny." (I'm still not sure what is has to do with a quilt block, or how that particular pattern came to be associated with that phrase.)

I used a number of different mediums, including crayon, pencil, and metallic and neon crayons, and metallic, neon, and rainbow pencils. I also created my own fabric patterns, particularly where there were large spaces to color, as in the polka-dots of "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul." Incidentally, that's another one I looked up. I know what the phrase means but haven't a clue as to how it got into a quilt block! This was another of those books where I really had a hard time choosing which to present because I had a lot of favorites. Hope you enjoy these!

Unfortunately, Dover has discontinued publication of this particular book, although there is a quilt stained glass coloring book, plus they now offer two other regular coloring books with quilt designs. (I am not sure if they are new or back-in-print.) I used to get annoyed when a favorite book was discontinued, but lately, they are bringing back many, many books from just a few years ago, so I would imagine this one will return at some point, too.

Page 1, Crazy Quilt;   Page 2, Arrowheads;   Page 4, Fifty-four Forty or Fight

Crazy Quilt


Fifty-four Forty or Fight

Page 6, Mexican Star;   Page 12, Leavenworth Star;   Page 16, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Mexican Star

Leavenworth Star

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Page 20, California Star;   Page 24, Snow Crystals

California Star

Snow Crystals


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