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For some reason, I find Wil Stegenga's coloring books a challenge. I like them, but struggle to create works of art. Part of the reason is that his designs usually have no edge lines, and when you are attempting to find a pattern within a complex design, being supplied with only a fragment of the pattern at the page ends is confusing. An added challenge with this particular book is that in some, there is no pattern at all—a totally abstract design, as in the very last picture. The first half of the book is more patterned, with more spaces to color, but toward the middle to end, the patterns get larger and more abstract, as you can see by my examples. This book also has no page numbers, so I have no way to label them, but I have posted them in the order in which they appear in the book. The very first one is the fifth in the book, and the last is the fifth from the end. I used crayon for the entire book with the exception of the second image which was colored with pencils and rainbow pencils. The sixth image was done with neon crayons.

In spite of the provocative nature of these pictures, and the feeling that I wasn't finding just the right color combinations, etc. to result in a pleasing or interesting artwork, when all was said and done, I realized that I had many favorites and found it difficult to narrow down to the ones I would post. These eight are the result of my process of elimination. I chose each either because I liked the design, the color combination, or found something unique or intriguing in it. I hope you enjoy them as I do.

Rainbow Pencil and Pencil

Gold, Blue, Plum, Aqua Design

Red, White, and Blue Design

Metallics and Dark Purple

Neon Crayons

Gold, Burgundy, Green Design

Totally Abstract

Rusty Red and Sea Green Design


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