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Lee Anne Snozek has done four of these geometric shapes coloring books, all of which I own and only one, at this writing, that I have not completed. I like them—they are fun and interesting and don't require research, but this one was my least favorite for a couple reasons. One is that, in the others that I've done, she experiments with fractals, so a large, simple design appears on another page in a much smaller version in multiples. Don't know if I said that right, but you should know what fractals are. This one lacks that. But the element that really bothered me most here is that this is a book of squares, and there were few designs focused on that particular shape. Triangles are the most common shape here, and I realize that if you cut a square in half diagonally you get a triangle, but she already did a Terrific Triangles book, and there are many interesting things she could have done with squares. But, having said that, I really don't want to sound too critical. I did very much enjoy this coloring book, as I do all my Dover books.

And so, here are my eight choices. I did things a little differently on a few, since they were larger designs. And also, for that reason, all but a few were done with crayon (because I use pencil typically for the designs which have tiny spaces to color). On page 8, I filled in the spaces with polka-dots. That was also one of the more "square-ish" ones—well, rectangles, at least. Page 9 is one of the three done in pencil. It is also my favorite. For the one on page 12, I used a layering technique—I just kept covering it with different colors, giving it a sort of marbleized effect. Now the one on page 17—well, I'm hard-pressed to find a square anywhere in that except the box that surrounds it! And in the last one, from page 26, I tried to make the lighter colors look transparent where they overlapped, showing another color beneath. And there you have it. Enjoy all these cool images.

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Page 5

Page 3

Page 8, Page 9

Page 9

Page 8

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Page 16

Page 12

Page 17, Page 26

Page 26

Page 17

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