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OK, now I am completely aware that this book is for children. Oh, all right, it's for young children, but I had such a great time with it. When I want to really relax and color, I don't want to slave over a rendition of a Monet painting, where every teeny tiny dot has to be exactly the right shade. (Yeah, I do have a coloring book of Monet paintings, but ya gotta be in the right mood.) This one is made up of big, cheerful, simple pictures in a sort of sketch-style, to teach little kids about taking care of the environment. The one pictured on the cover above is the only one of complexity, so it's not representative of the rest of the book. Some pictures are full scenes; some a design with a defined border, and others just a design. I've included some of each.

Dover has discontinued the printing of this little treasure—can't imagine why except perhaps it wasn't filling their pockets enough. I can't imagine why that, either. I would think parents would want to find fun ways to teach their children about proper treatment of the environment. OK, maybe not. Look what a mess we're in, and as I write here in October 2016., I truly wonder how much longer we've got on this planet, given the current statistics of the cataclysmic state of the global atmosphere, water, and every single life support system we have relied on for eons. I guess that's why there was a part of me that became sad every time I opened this book, because I know we have reached the point of no return on imminent environmental disasters looming just around the corner that can and will explode when the last straw is placed upon the camel's back.

But I don't want to get depressing, because this collection of cute and clever drawings is pure fun. All the animals have big smiles, and everybody is living in harmony with our precious earth. Here are a few of my pictures to give you an example of what's inside, and if you have little kids or grandkids, grab up a copy while you can. I had a hard time choosing what to post, but you knew that 'cause I say it with nearly every book I finish. Enjoy these playful pages.!

Birds and Peace Signs

Dog Watering Flowers


African Wildlife

Flower Pot

Girl on Bicycle

Trees and Windmill

Save the Jungle


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