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This is the second of Hop David's coloring books I have done (and he has done two for Dover, at least as of this writing). The first was Magic Mirror Image, and I liked this one much better. And it is certainly even more complex. David must be an expert at geometry, and this collection reflects that expertise, as you can see. Incidentally, only this version of the book is out of print. It is another of Dover's coloring books that has been converted to a "Creative Haven" format with perforated pages printed on only one side so they may be painted or colored with mediums that bleed through. Incidentally, here is Hop's website. Apparently at one time, he had another coloring book called Conic Sections & Celestial Mechanics, but it doesn't appear that Dover ever carried that one. Perhaps they will at some point.

David certainly must have been influenced by the works of M. C. Escher, and certainly by the theory of fractals. Nearly every piece reduces into smaller and smaller repetitions of the pattern. This creates a coloring debacle for two reasons. The pattern becomes so reduced that even the sharpest coloring implement is not able to color the tiny space. The other problem is that as the pattern is reduced, it is also layered upon layer, thus distorting the image as a whole. At least for me, to try to follow the pattern and represent it was futile, and in the end, I was finding that my pictures were not even pleasing or satisfying. It took me about a third of the way through the book to discover that the more important goal was to create an image that the eye could comprehend, and that meant using his patterns as a means to create a larger, less complex pattern. Suddenly, I found my works more interesting and artistic. You can see how I used this method in the images below. Confocal Parabolas is a fine example. Entire groups of patterns are the same color. I also found that using less different colors aided in creating a comprehensible picture. In the end, I had a hard time choosing which to post, as I had quite a few favorites!

Page 6: Keplerian Fractals
Page 8: Borromean Braids
Page 10: Interpenetrating Spirals

Borromean Braids

Interpenetrating Spirals

Keplerian Fractals

Page 12: Hall of Mirrors
Page 14: Snowflake
Page 16: Penrose Rhombs


Penrose Rhombs

Hall of Mirrors

Page 24: Confocal Parabolas
Page 29: Octet Panels
Page 30: Bridge

Octet Panels


Confocal Parabolas


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