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The drawings in this book are just beautiful and most of them quite complicated, so plan to take your time. Nearly all of them are illustrations of legends from the Hindu or Buddhist traditions, so it helps to do lots of extra research to understand what you are coloring. And when you finish, you will have a lovely collection of art to enjoy again and again.

While I wasn't able to find most of these artworks online, I found similar ones to help me choose colors, but in other cases I just colored fancifully. One exception was the Monkey-God Hanuman—there were lots of pictures of him available!

Detail from Phra Malai

Sita and Rama

Page 1: Detail from the painting Phra Malai on Khoi paper
Page 6: Sita and Rama from the Hindu poem Ramyana (Thai Ramakien adaptation)
Page 7: Hanuman (Monkey God)
Page 21: Seven Female Figures


Seven Female Figures


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