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Though most children would probably just have fun coloring these pages, I, as an artistic adult, found them particularly challenging, perhaps because many of the patterns were borderless: (oh, what shall I do with those edges?). It is also one of those books where the choice of colors really determines whether the picture will be pleasing or interesting. In any case, this book will certainly stretch the imagination and creativity!

When I went back to choose which pictures to post, I was surprised at how many really did turn out exceptionally cool. It has been several years since I finished this book, and all I could remember was the frustration!! I also remember, however, that I challenged myself to do something unconventional with each page. Some worked; some did not. I used rainbow themes in the first and second. Notice how I alternated the colors in each row in the third. The fourth looks a bit "Tartan", and the fifth looks like a lace tablecloth. But in the last one (one of my favorites) I went the whole nine yards and created a random pattern within a decidedly "not random" design. The pictures come from pages 2, 3, 7, 10, 16, and 20. Enjoy!

Rainbow Design

Rainbow Circle

Shifting Colors

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"Tartan" Design

"Lacy Tablecloth" Design

Random Design


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