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This is a book I really enjoyed! I liked the way it was divided into sections, beginning with the upper beach and moving down into the water. Each area supports its own particular flora and fauna, for instance, beach plum shrubs and rabbits live in the upper beach, but as you move toward and into the water, you'll find lots of different crabs and birds. I did a lot of web research and found it all interesting.
I have posted one example from each of the areas beginning with the Fowler's Toad on the Upper Beach, page 10. The Barrier Dune is represented by the Common Tern page 11.

Upper Beach

The Barrier Dune

Next comes the Intertidal Zone. Here is a picture of some Horseshoe Crabs from page 23.
In the Subtidal Area (The Shallows) we see a Green Crab, Northern Searobin, and Rockweed and Entermorpha, page30.
And last we arrive at the Rocky Shore, here pictured with a Double-Crested Cormorant. It is the final page in the book.

Intertidal Zone

Subtidal Area (The Shallows)

Rocky Shore


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