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Lee Anne Snozek has done several of these geometric shape coloring books, including Circles, Squares, and Triangles. I have them all, but as of this writing, this is the only one I have completed. They all follow the same idea: Snozek has created designs using the designated shape. Many are large and simple, that even a younger child could enjoy. But then she takes certain ones, makes them smaller and multiples them. They look more complex, but other than the fact that there are much tinier spaces to color, they are not really more complex at all. Every picture that is multiple has a single version,(with one exception), but not all big pictures have a multiple version. I have included examples to illustrate.

3-Color Octagons

Stained Glass-like Octagon

Green and Yellow Octagons

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The first image, from page 3, is the exception I mentioned above: it exists in the multiple version, but not the single. The next two, from pages 12 and 13, exemplify a large pattern that becomes smaller multiple patterns.

Octagons and Triangles

Octagons and Squares

Multiple Octagons

The picture above is a large single pattern from page 17. Next to it are two more examples of a large single pattern becoming multiple smaller patterns, from pages 22 and 23. The picture below is from page 25. It does also have a larger version.

Octagons and Circles


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