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This one is definitely not for very young colorists. As an adult I found it quite challenging. Much in the style of M.C. Escher, these images morph from one object to another, or are interlocking objects, or objects that spiral into smaller and smaller versions until they're reduced to so teeny tiny that your eyeballs bulge, such as the turtles pictured on the cover and the cats pictured at the bottom of this page. The only thing I have against it is that most of the pictures tend to be "masculine" (ok, I'm being really picky), but I would have preferred a few "girly, pretty" ones. But I still really enjoyed the book!
The first one, from page 8, called Frolicking Monkeys is very Escher-like indeed! Here the monkeys morph from two- to three-dimensional objects. Ooh, that was a tough one! And here is another that morphs, called Rams in the Desert from page 19. Cool, huh?

Frolicking Monkeys

Rams in the Desert

Next are two that are interlocking objects. Horned Monkeys, is from page 7. The smile of one becomes the horn of another. I did Lizards, page 20, with neon crayon. I still struggle to find the lizards, however, I see something that looks like frog-ish legs. The last picture is a sort of descending spiral called Pouncing Cats. I tried to create a rainbow effect (with minimal success!). This is not a book for timid colorists!

Horned Monkeys


Pouncing Cats


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