Dover Coloring Book

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When I first bought this book, I wondered if I would get bored with it. I mean, every page is just, well, hearts, hearts, and more hearts. I need not have been concerned, however. The more I colored, the more creative ideas were inspired. This is a real gem for youngsters and oldsters alike.

As you can see, I had a difficult time choosing which pictures to post! The designs become progressively more complex from beginning to end. I did fancier coloring with the simpler designs.

For the first one, I did pencil scribbles for each heart, then colored over with crayon. I created a sort of rainbow marbleized effect for the third. By the fourth one, the design is becoming much busier!

Pencil Scribbles

Heart Chain

Marbleized Hearts

Now the designs are very complex indeed! I used metallic pencil and neon crayon for the bottom two respectively.

Heart Stars

Overlapping Hearts

Beaded Hearts


Metallic Hearts

Neon Hearts





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