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While this book is nowhere near the detailed perfection of Bruce LaFontaine's car books, it is still fun, and much more suitable for the younger crowd. I like the variation of scenery here, and the variety of cars ranging from budget utility to ultra-posh. The one thing I didn't like was the fact that the really expensive luxury/sports cars (i.e. Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Lotus, etc.) were all being driven by guys. Hey—gals can drive 'em, too, you know! OK, so I drive a beat-up Ford truck—that's beside the point—but I could drive a snazzy car if I had one. . .This book was first published in 1996, by the way, which accounts for the choices of cars.

Here are some of my favorites, beginning with a BMW 740i, found on page 5. And it is being driven by a woman. Next, we see a Dodge Colt, from page 11.

BMW 740i

Dodge Colt

Here we see a Lotus—which has always been my fantasy dream car—except this one is an Esprit. I fell in love with a Europa when it was on display at a local mall, decades ago. The Esprit is on page 19, and the Range Rover next to it is on page 27.

Lotus Esprit

Range Rover

This last one is my favorite picture in the whole book, so I had to include it, but I apologize for the big crack down the center. There are several two-pagers like this throughout the book, and this one is at the end, so the left side is much puffier than the right. There was no way to get a crayon down in the crack to fill in that white space between the pages. Anyways it is two sports cars—a Ferrari Mondial T in front, and a Mitsubishi Sport Coupe in back.

Ferrari Mondial T and Mitsubishi Sport Coupe


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