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Most of these beautiful designs are quite simple, making it perfect for the younger crowd. Yet, as an adult, I found it enjoyable, and ideal to experiment with different techniques. If you have glitter, metallic, or rainbow pencils and crayons, you will have a blast with this book.
    One thing that makes this one distinct among mandala books is that not all the pictures are exactly round, in fact there is quite a bit of diversity in these designs. I have tried to choose pictures that represent Bartfeld's scope of creativity and uniqueness. They come from pages 13, 18, 28, 29, 36, 40, and 43 respectively.
    One additional note: Since I wrote this review, Dover has come out with a whole slew of new mandala coloring books, so they must be very popular, and several are not in the traditional round pattern. You can find them on the Dover website. Click on "coloring books," then "designs." Also, check out the "Creative Haven" coloring books for serious coloring artists. Enjoy!!

Mandala with Spires


Mandala with Loops

Kaleidoscopic Mandala

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Bold and Masculine Mandala


Circles within Circles


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