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I began researching this book well before I started coloring it. The first book I read was Myths of Pre-Columbian America, which provided me with useful general information, and other references to explore, including two important codices: The Codex Nuttall, and The Codex Borgia. Of the two, I found The Codex Borgia the most helpful because at least three of the coloring pictures are from that manuscript. Many of the pictures in here, however, seem to be based on stone carvings, perhaps. At least that's what they appear to be, and others. . .I wasn't sure what they were supposed to be. If there is one thing that could have made this coloring experience better, it would have been labels or descriptions of the artwork.

So, keeping that in mind, I decided to do a mixture of fanciful coloring and dead-on accurate, with most being somewhere in between—educated guesses based on all the information I had gathered. In any case, I did really enjoy coloring this book, and I'm finding that I want to continue my education about the art and culture of these peoples. Quite fascinating!

We begin with the lovely Coatlicue (Co-at-lick-way), "The One with the Skirt of Serpents." She is the Mother Goddess of the Earth, Goddess of Fertility and Goddess of Life, Death, and Rebirth, among other things. Some legends say she had 400 breasts. . .oh, my. . .She gave birth to the well-known Quetzalcoatl, and her daughter, Coyolxauhqui was responsible for her decapitation, which is why her face is two giant serpents facing each other. See Wikipedia for more information.

Here is my colored picture. (I did find this picture in color online, but the original is a stone carving, now found at the National Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City.)

My Colored Coatlicue

Statue of Coatlicue

Next is one of the "fanciful" pictures I did. I used rainbow and neon pencils, and was pleased with the end result, but I still know nothing about this work of art. The same with the next one, which is obviously also a stone carving, but I used more conventional colors for it.

A Picture Colored with Neon and Rainbow Pencils

Probably a Stone Carving

Here I have included one of the pictures that is in the Codex Borgia.. It is Plate 65: Page 5 of the tonal pohualli. Next to it is the actual page in the Codex Borgia.

My Colored Picture of The Codex Borgia, Plate 65: Page 5

The Codex Borgia, Plate 65: Page 5

Here is a piercing sacrifice, first from the coloring book, then Plate 54 in the Codex Borgia, the bottom right corner.

My Colored Picture of The Codex Borgia, Plate 54

The Codex Borgia, Plate 54


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