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(Note: This book is "out of print" only in this version. Dover has transferred it to the "Creative Haven" category, which means that it now is a "paint-or-color" type book—pages are perforated and printed only on one side. The Creative Haven books have 31 rather than 30 pages, so rather than adding a new design to accommodate, they just printed one page twice, which is a cheap shot on Dover's part. The new ISBN 10 is: 0486493113.)

This is a book you will probably want to allow plenty of time to finish, but it will be well worth the effort. The delicate florals, animals, (LOVE those frogs!), and abstract designs become beautiful finished artwork. Art Nouveau is not easy to color because of the subtle and unusual shades and color combinations, (if you want to make it look authentic). An excellent source to help you get going is Dover's book with CD-ROM entitled Grasset's Art Nouveau Floral Ornament CD-ROM and Book, from which Noble also drew some of her ideas. (I have included two examples at the bottom of this page.) Noble reused some of her own designs for her Angels Coloring Book, published a year after this one. (To illustrate, see the first two examples below.). The next picture is those adorable frogs mentioned above.

Typical Art Nouveau Design

Page from "Angels" Coloring Book

Love those Frogs!

In the next two, Noble has used the same background pattern with slight variation:

Carp Design

Heron Design

And finally, here is Noble's charming gourd design inspired by the Grasset book mentioned above. The second and third pictures below are taken from the Grasset book.:

Gourd Design from Coloring Book

Image from Grasset's Art Nouveau Floral Ornament CD-ROM and Book

Image from Grasset's Art Nouveau Floral Ornament CD-ROM and Book


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