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The 30-plus angels in this book can only be described as truly gorgeous. Noble has placed them in all different aspects of going about their angelic duties, donned with garb to match their activity. She has also drawn material from other Dover coloring books, including Tiffany Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book, rendered by A.G. Smith, and her own Art Nouveau Patterns Coloring Book. I chose to do the entire book with colored pencils because I wanted to accentuate every little detail. The only problem I had (and I am being picky, but this is a problem I have with all of Noble's coloring books), which is a certain element of carelessness: unfinished lines, or lines that go nowhere, or something that I just can't figure out. In this case it is on page one, the stuff in the background. It doesn't reach the ground, it just ends in mid-air. With that small exception, this book is absolutely a joy to color, and just as enjoyable to behold after its completion. Incidentally, Noble did a much earlier Angels Stained Glass Coloring Book , which is quite different from this one. Her style changed quite a bit from 1996 to 2009.
Here are some of my beautiful artworks:

The first example is from page 1. Alongside it is a page from the Art Nouveau Patterns Coloring Book (see link above). Note how Noble incorporates the design into the background. The third is from page 4. I thought she'd look cool in tie-dye.

Angels, page 1

Art Nouveau Patterns

Angels, page 4

Here, Noble has used the citrus motif, also from her Art Nouveau Patterns book, for the angel on page 25. The third angel has that Art Nouveau look. She is from page 21. The bottom two are from pages 23 and 6.

Art Nouveau Patterns Citrus Motif

Angels, page 25

Angels, page 21

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Angels, page 23

Angels, page 6

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