Dover Coloring Book

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This great coloring book, with its big, bold lines, is easy enough for young colorists to enjoy, yet creative enough to hold the interest of us older artists. I suppose you could say it is more relaxing than challenging, but I still found ways to challenge myself to do something unique with each page.

In the first picture, from page 4, I experimented with different shades of yellows and bronze. For the overlapping squares in the next picture, page 6, I created a splotchy effect with pencils, then colored over it with crayon. I tried to make the paisley-ish design on page 14 look like brocade, using metallic crayons in shades of golds silver, copper, and bronze.

Bright Yellow Design

Splotchy Squares

Metallic Paisley

The next picture, on page 17, I call "Amoeba" for obvious reasons. Then I layered multiple colors of crayon to create a marbleized bead effect for the picture on page 21. In the last picture, from page 29, I used earth tones to border the bright geometric shapes.


Marbleized Beads

Geometric Earth Tones


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